“Kabir Hossain”

We see various advertisements and images when we flip the page of Social Media or the newspaper. These images were not made in a flash; rather, they are the result of a designer’s painstaking efforts. Today, we will hear the story of a graphic designer who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes for the past two decades.

Kabir Hossain as an entrepreneur

Digital marketing expert, creative graphic designer, entrepreneur, and blogger Kabir Hossain. He began his career in the field of creative design. After that, he went into digital marketing. Through a combination of creativity, excitement, and concentration, I was able to achieve job success. His need for innovative graphic design stretches beyond the country’s borders to the global market.

Kabir Hossain is a well-known figure in Bangladesh’s creative graphic design business.

Kabir Hossain was Born and raised in Lakshmipur. Work and look at in Dhaka. When you commenced operating in snapshots layout, the concept of laptop layout in Bangladesh turned into simply beginning. As a result, he needed to construct himself up thru diverse risks and inadequacies. On the only hand, there has been the laptop disaster and however, there has been a scarcity of snapshots layout tutorials and teachers.

However, he did now no longer deliver up. From an eager hobby in photograph layout, he mastered diverse techniques. He then commenced operating as a senior clothier for The New Nations, the country`s main country-wide English daily. He turned into concern in diverse magazines and journals inclusive of ‘The Daily Ittefaq’ and ‘Canvas’.

Kabir Hossain is now a complete entrepreneur

In 2016, he quit his job and started a business. He founded a 360-degree marketing agency called Brandylane. He also founded a digital marketing agency called “Digitent” in 2020 as a specialized company. When providing different types of marketing services such as social media marketing, branding, advertising, etc. Along with this, he is writing various blogs related to marketing, branding, and graphic design.”

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion of items through digital platforms,” Kabir Hossain believes about digital marketing. Digital marketing includes such things as social media, search engines, and influencer marketing. Digital marketing is a vast arena of possibility, according to Kabir Hossain.

In the post-Corona pandemic marketing world, he believes that digital marketing is becoming increasingly important. As a result, young people have a lot of potential in this area. In this instance, you must first improve your talents before beginning to work with digital marketing. You must be familiar with various tools.

In addition, he stressed the importance of continued research. What are the most popular types of content? You must keep the market in mind. As a result of the fact that the situation of Kabir Hossain has advanced to the level of full-fledged entrepreneur. When it comes to self-evaluation, you believe that achievement is still a long way off. As a result, you are continuously prepared to pour. The goal is to create Digitent the country’s leading digital marketing agency and to expand Digitent’s reach beyond the borders of the country.


Kabir Hossain: A successful entrepreneur in the digital world

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