Kabir Hossain, a digital marketing expert, entrepreneur and blogger. He started his career with creative design. Over time, he has moved into the world of digital marketing. He has already achieved career success through a combination of creativity, enthusiasm and concentration.

I am  grew up in Ramganj, Laxmipur district, one of the oldest cities in Bangladesh. He has grown up with the idea of doing something new since childhood. In a short time, Kabir Hossain has proved himself successful in the digital marketing industry.

Kabir Hossain

Kabir Hossain started with ‘Brandy lane Digital’. After that he formed another organization called ‘Digitent Communication’.

Digitent Communication works with all branches of digital branding, and I am always certain about my future as a creative industry professional.

A successful man in Digital marketing industry

Kabir Hossain thinks that digital marketing is the promotion of products using digital channels. Social media, search engines, influencer marketing – all include digital marketing. In the current era, this young man thinks that digital marketing is a huge potential field. The importance of digital marketing is increasing day by day in the marketing reality.

He emphasized the need for young people to work in this field. According to Kabir Hossain, if you want to start working with digital marketing, you have to increase your skills first. You need to know the use of different tools. There is no alternative to research as well. What kind of content do people like? We have to think about the market. Because, in the case of digital marketing, the content of the latest content is quite important.

Nowadays many people are creating good content. But not getting a chance to enter the mainstream of digital marketing. Kabir Hossain dreams of doing something for them. He has overcome many obstacles at the beginning of his career. Kabir Hossain is trying to extend a helping hand from his place in the belief that the young people do not have to suffer from these bitter experiences.

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