Over the summer, when politics and the pandemic were creating a very busy social media environment, brands started to get antsy about the type of content that was appearing alongside their ads. And, rightly so. Many consumers assume advertisers endorse the content their ads appear near, and consumers are pickier than ever about how brands react to sticky social and political issues.

In July of 2020, Ad Age reported that Facebook was planning to address brand safety issues, a sign that Facebook was listening to advertisers. In early 2021, Facebook released an announcement that briefly explained what the brand safety tools will offer and that the tools will be tested with a select group of advertisers before rolling out wide. Facebook has brand safety measures in place for other parts of its platform, but this new tool is the first for the News Feed.

Other social platforms, including Pinterest and YouTube, have also tackled the issue of brand safety in recent months, including an emphasis from Pinterest on the benefits of advertising with positive content and a brand safety accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC) for YouTube.

How To Access Facebook Brand Safety Tools?

To access these tools, go to the Facebook ad manager and click on the nine-dot menu at the top left corner just below the home option. In the pop-up menu, you have the Manage Business option. Under the Manage business, you will find Brand Safety. After selecting that, the Brand Safety dashboard will appear with 5 options on the left side of your screen- Overview, Control, Block Lists, Publisher Lists, and Delivery Report.

Manage Multiple Accounts:

Under Brand Safety, the very first option you have is Overview. By selecting this option, you can check the list of all your Facebook ad accounts. There you have the option to quickly set the inventory filters for every single account in the list. And that gives you an extra level of control so that you can avoid sensitive content in your ad campaigns. Instead of switching to each and every ad account, you can just fix inventory filters shown beside every ad account.

Avoid Sensitive Content:

The next option you have under Brand Safety is the Controls option. When you open the Controls tab, you will find the inventory filter options at the top. Under the default settings, it shows the Standard inventory, while you can also opt for other options- Limited inventory or Full inventory. By selecting Limited inventory, you can limit the reach of your ads to sensitive or aggressive content.

On the other hand, you can also use Full inventory in which you won’t have any kind of exclusion in your ads. As you may already know that you can also change the Inventory settings for your multiple Facebook ad accounts using the Overview option.

Stop Your Ad Placement On Specific Websites or Pages:

Just below the Inventory Filter, you have the Block Lists option. There you can create a list of Facebook pages and audience network apps on which you don’t want your Facebook ads to appear. However, you can’t edit your Block List here. To edit it, you have the separate Block List option where you can add TXT or CSV files, including website domains and app audience networks or URLs of specific Facebook pages to block instant articles or instream videos.

Publishers Whitelist for Ad Placement

If you are still not sure about where your ads are placed, you can check the Publisher List option. It is the master list of all the places where your Facebook ads can appear, which includes audience network apps, Facebook pages. When you open the Publisher List, there you will find the option to download it right away. In case you find any of the domains that don’t relate to your brand values, you can include them in your Block List.

Avoid Showing Ads Within Video Streams

In the Control tab of the Brand Safety dashboard, you have the option to exclude certain topics. Basically, it has the function to stop your Facebook ads from appearing in between instream videos that are related to Gaming, Political, Spiritual, and religious kind of content. Just below that, you also have the option to stop your ads from getting placed between all Live Stream content.

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